Try before you buy

try before you buy

Try before you buy – the new real estate trend

Buying a new home is a long term commitment. To avoid a hasty decision, new real estate trend is emerging, called “try before you buy”, and more and more people opt for trying their dream home before making the final decision.

One of the fun parts of searching for a home to buy is visualizing living in it. Will your furniture fit? Is the kitchen big enough for all of your kids? Imagining your belongings and your family living in the home can make the buying decision easier.

When checking out a house, more and more buyers take the extra step of spending a bit of time in a for-sale home. It’s a simple yet effective way to kick the tires and test-drive a prospective home. Along the way it gives shoppers an opportunity to investigate the lights, water pressure, even peek at what the neighbors are like.

Many house owners will be happy to let you rent their house for up to 6 months before you make a decision.
Would you like to try before you buy? Please contact us to find out whether your dream house or condo is available for this opportunity.

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