Company Registration

Company Registration
  • Name reservation (3 names to maximize chances of success)
  • Registering the company
  • Application for V.A.T license (under 1.800.000 Baht turnover not needed)
  • Registering social Security for staff (4 needed)

For this process we need

  • Company name
  • Number of shareholders (minimum 3)
  • Address of the registered office/company
  • Registration capital (if work permit needed minimum 2.000.000 Baht Company)
  • Percentage of shares p/person
  • Number of directors
  • Company stamp
  • Names of the core business

Required Documents: 

  • Copy of ID cards and blue book of all shareholders/directors with their signature
  • Detailed map and address from the company
  • Copy of the blue book from the office
  • Copy of ID card and blue book of the owner of the office
  • Copy of chanotte from office address
  • Pictures of the office in and out with visible company name
  • Copy of ID cards and blue book of all staff and pictures 2 x 1,5 inch of each staff member
  • Bank statement of registered capital

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